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This aircraft was another two seat Army Co-operation biplane, having particularly clean lines and powerful controls which remained effective down to stalling speed.  A gunner was provided for in the rear seat, whose field of fire was unhampered by tail plane bracing wires.


One prototype only was built which first flew on 26th January 1928.



Power Plant:   One Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar or Panther air cooled radial engine of 385 h.p. or 550 h.p.

Span            39 ft. 4 in.

Length          27 ft. 3in.

Height          10 ft. 8 in.

Wing Area   391 sq. ft.

Weight:   4,000 lb. (payload 1,100 lb.)

Max. speed    145 mph.

Ceiling            20,000 ft.

Endurance      4 hrs.

Registration:   G-EBLM.






Flown in the King's Cup Race in 1925 by F.T. Courtney.