The Argosy




This was the first civil passenger aircraft to be designed and constructed by the firm. It was intended primarily for continental routes and was used to inaugurate the "'Silver Wings" service between London and Paris.  A total of seven machines in all were delivered to Imperial Airways and the last one was broken up in the year 1936.



Power Plant:  

3 Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar, geared, air cooled radial engines.


Mk I    Total of 1,155 h.p.

Mk II   Total of 1,260 h.p.


Span                   90 ft. 4in.

Length                 67 ft.

Height                 20 ft.

Wing Area          1,874 sq. ft.


Mk I  18,000 lb.

Mk II 19,200 lb. (Loaded with 5,000 lb. payload & 2,110 lb. fuel & oil)








Maximum speed 110 mph.

Range 522 miles ( 5.5 hours at 95 mph.)




                     Crew           2

Passengers Mk  I          20

                      Mk II          28


Registration Numbers:


Mk I           G-EBLF, G-EBLO & G-EBOZ

Mk II          G-AACH, G-AACI, G-AACJ & G-AAEI



The last four aircraft were known as Argosy Mk. IIs and had an improved performance and extra accommodation as compared with the Mk. Is, given by Jaguar IVA engines with Townend rings, HP slots and faired engine nacelles.


The last aircraft was withdrawn from regular service at the end of 1935, but one continued to fly passengers on sight seeing trips at Blackpool in 1936.