The Argosy 660 






This military transport aircraft was originally conceived under requirement 0.R. 323, but did not receive any impetus from M.O.A. until after the Civil Argosy had flown.
The military roles brought many changes to the AW 650 type.  For example, stronger floor, redesigned front and rear ends of fuselage, changes to fuel tanks, engine installation etc.  


First flight took place in March 1961 and a total of 56 aircraft were delivered to Transport Command.

Developed for the operation of flight refuelling, both as a receiver and as a "buddy" tanker. 


Autoland system provided on some aircraft.









Power Plant:


4 Rolls Royce Dart R.Da.8 Mk 101 turbine engines.

4 Rotol Propellers (11 ft. 6 in diameter).




Span                                 115 ft.

Length                               86 ft. 9 in.

Height                               27 ft.

Wing Area                        1,458 sq. ft.




A.U.W.             97,000 lb.

A.P.S.              57,500 lb. (A.U.W. minus fuel & payload).




Average Cruising Speed at 20,000 ft.                     269 mph.

Performance Ceiling at 90,000 lb. weight               18,500 ft.

Range with 20,000 lb. payload                                 1,070 miles.

Range with overload fuel & 13% reserve fuel          3,250 miles.




Up to 29,000 lb. of cargo or 54 parachutists with 2 dispatchers & 1 air quartermaster,


69 fully armed soldiers with 2 air quartermasters, 


48 stretcher casualties, 4 medical attendants & 2 air quartermasters.