The Atlas




This was the second aeroplane designed by the Company to go into large quantity production.  As well as 449 taken by the Royal Air Force, there were quantities used in Commonwealth and foreign countries, on a variety of duties but chiefly for Army Co-operation.


First flight took place on 10th May 1925.  The Royal Canadian Air Force had 14 and of these, no less than 13 were still on R.C.A.F. strength on 3rd September 1939.


Power Plant:  

A.S. Jaguar or Jaguar Major air cooled radial engine.


Span               39 ft. 6 in

Length             27 ft. 8.5 in.

Height             10 ft. 6 in.

Wing Area      391 sq. ft.

Weight:   4,115 lb. (Mil. load 880 lb.)







Novel Features:


Leading edge slats.

Townend ring cowling for engine (not on aircraft in photograph).

Geared propellers.


Maximum Speed:


Jaguar Major geared                                     152 mph. (at 10,000 ft.).

Jaguar Major geared and supercharged     175 mph. (at 15,000 ft.).

Service Ceiling:


24,600 ft. unsupercharged.

26,700 ft. supercharged.

9.5 min. to 10,000 ft.


All of the above with Townend Ring fitted.