The AW 16




This single seat interceptor fighter was a further step forward in aerodynamic cleanliness, described at the time as the fastest single seat fighter in the world.


First flight took place in 1930.  The test pilot was Mr. A.C. Campbell-Orde.


Three aircraft were sold to China but no other orders ensued.



Power Plant:  

One Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar Major (Panthor) 510 h.p. air cooled radial engine


Span             33 ft.

Length           25 ft.

Height           11 ft. 6 in.

Wing Area    261 sq. ft.

Weight:   3,600 lb. (A.U.W. including 530 lb. Mil. load)






Engine fitted with Townend ring and with cylinder cooling.




Max. Speed                 199 mph. (at 15,000 ft.)

Climb to 10,000 ft.       7.5 min.

Service Ceiling            29,800 ft.




2 Vickers machine guns firing through the propeller.