The AW 19 




This single engine, two seat, general purpose and torpedo carrying biplane was built as a private venture to Air Ministry Specification G4/31.  The aircraft first flew on 28th February 1934 and although many hours of test flying were spent, no production order ensued and the specification was cancelled.





Power Plant:   One Armstrong Siddeley Tiger VI 810 h.p. double row air cooled radial engine.

Span             49 ft. 8 in.

Length          42 ft. 2 in.

Height           13 ft.

Wing Area    654.2 sq. ft.















8,750 lb. A.U.W. as Torpedo Carrier.

7,250 lb. A.U.W. as General Purpose or Day Bomber.

4,298 lb. Empty.

367 lb. Military Load (Fixed).




Without Torpedo:              Max. Speed at 6,500 ft       175 mph.

                                            Climb to 15,000 ft.              12.5 min.


With Torpedo:                   Max. Speed at 6,500 ft       160 mph.

                                           Climb to 15,000 ft.               23.0 min.




1 Vickers gun firing forward.

1 Lewis gun on a ring in rear cockpit.

Racks for up to 1,000 lb. of bombs.

Provision for an 18" torpedo.