The AW 23 




Only one prototype of this twin engine bomber and transport type to Air Ministry Specification C 26/31 was built.  It flew for the first time on 4th June 1935, and was noteworthy in that it had the first major component (viz. the box spar wing), made in light alloy.


The general configuration of this aircraft was the basis for design of the Whitley, which followed soon after.  It was the first of the Company's products to have a retractable undercarriage.


Power Plant:  

2 Armstrong Siddeley Tiger VI, each of 810 hp. double row radial air cooled engines.  (Changed to Tiger VIIIs later)


Span              88 ft.

Length            80 ft. 8 in.

Height            19 ft. 6 in.

Wing Area     1,308 sq. ft.

Weight:   24,100 lb. (A.U.W.)








Flight Crew 2.

Gun Turrets front & rear.

24 troops in main hold.

Bombs carried internally in the fuselage.

Freight loading hatches in the fuselage roof.