The History of Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Limited.



The content of this website is taken from a book presented to Mr H. M. Woodhams, who at the time was Chairman and Managing Director of A.W.A., to celebrate his 50 years in the aircraft industry.   It chronicles the development of a company that was a leader in aviation and a major employer in Coventry.




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H.M.W. (1946)



Baginton (1950s)


The content of the book presented to Mr H. M. Woodhams was compiled from various sources by Mr. R. Dean, A.W.A. Design Department.

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The photographs shown on this website have been scanned from the original book and have not been retouched.  They have been changed to a greyscale in order to remove their sepia tones and they have been reduced in size to fit within the website.


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