The Meteor Night Fighter 





This twin seat, twin jet night fighter was developed from a basic Meteor 7 to fulfil a need of the Services for a night fighter. The prototype made its first flight in May 1950 and delivery commenced in the same year.


The Mk 12 and Mk 14 followed, which were fitted with American radar, the latter mark having a sliding hood in place of the sideways opening hood of previous aircraft.


The Mk 13 was similar to Mk11, except that it was made to a tropical standard for the conditions obtaining in the Middle East theatre of operations.

The wings were completely redesigned to allow 20 m/m cannons to be housed there instead of in the fuselage, where the radar devices occupied the space.


A total of 592 aircraft of various marks were built.






Power Plant:


Two Rolls Royce Derwent turbo jet engines.




Span                  43 ft.

Length                48 ft. 6 in.

Wing Area         374 sq. ft.




20,500 lb. A.U.W.