The Scimitar (AW 35)




This single seat fighter biplane was a development of the AW 16, having a more powerful engine, changes to cowling and fuselage fairing, etc.  First flight took place 29th June, 1934. A number of these aircraft were built under licence in Norway and used by the Norwegian Air Force.



Power Plant:   One Armstrong Siddeley Panther VII 640 hp. air cooled radial engine with special cowling.

Span               33 ft.

Length             25 ft.

Height             11 ft. 7 in.

Wing Area      261 sq. ft.


4,100 lb. A.U.W.

1,435 lb. Empty


Military Load: - 

      142 lb. fixed          

      491 lb. removable








Max. Speed 213 mph. at 14,000 ft.

Climb to 6,650 ft. 3.8 min.

Service Ceiling 30,600 ft.




2 Vickers guns firing through the propellers, racks for light bombs under the wings & provision for a camera gun.



Registration of the two aircraft built in this country: G-ACCD & G-ADBL.