The Siskin 




The prototype aircraft, the first to be entirely designed and constructed by the Company, was begun in 1919 and was built of wood and canvas. It first flew from the old Radford Aerodrome at Coventry in 1920 and was shown to the public at the first R.A.F. Hendon display in that year.


Fitted with an A.B.C. Dragonfly air cooled engine, this prototype was the forerunner of a series of aircraft with graduated improvements in engines and general construction (see also Siskin III).



Power Plant:   A.B.C. Dragonfly air cooled radial engines of 320 hp.

         Span 27 ft. 6 in.


Wing Area 247 sq. ft.

Weight:   2,181 lb. (fully loaded)
Registration:   C 4541