The Siskin III




Following the success of the prototype Siskin, which first flew in 1920, a series of developments took place which eventually resulted in large production orders from the British Government as well as from Commonwealth countries. 


In all, 214 aircraft were delivered. Steel construction was used for the main load carrying members.   The photograph shows an engine without the later refinement of a Townend ring.



Power Plant:  

One Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar Major.


Geared and supercharged engine of 385 h.p.

A.U.W.:    3,180 lb.

Max. Speed of 186 mph at 15,000 ft.


Climb to 10,000 ft. in 6.5 min.


Service Ceiling of 32,700 ft.


Span (Top)          33 ft. 2 in.

Span (Bottom)    23 ft. 8 in.

Length                  25 ft 4 in.

Height                  9 ft. 8 in.

Wing Area           293.1 sq. ft.